RM Motors F10 flange for exhaust systems (N57S, N57N, N57Z)

  • SKU: F10
  • GTIN: 5904347511524
  • Manufacturers: RM Motors

Flange F10
Flange connecting the downpipe to the turbine.

Fits the following models:
BMW E90, E91, E92, E93 325d, 330d/xd N57
BMW F07, F10, F11 525d, 530d/dx, 535d/dx N57, N57N, N57Z
BMW E70 X5 30dx, 40dx N57, N57S
BMW E71 X6 30dx, 40dx N57, N57S
BMW F25 X3 30dx N57N
BMW F26 X4 30dx, 35dx N57N, N57Z
BMW F01, F02 730d/dx, 740d/dx N57, N57N, N57S
BMW F30, F31, F34 330d/dx, 335dx N57N, N57Z
BMW F32, F33, F36 430d/dx, 435dx N57N, N57Z
BMW F06, F12, F13 640d/dx N57Z
BMW F15 x5 30dx, 40dx N57N, N57Z
BMW F30, F31, F34 330d, 330dx, 335dx N57N, N57Z
BMW F32, F33, F36 430d, 430dx, 435dx N57N,N57Z
BMW F07, F10, F11 530d, 530dx, 535d, 535dx N57N, N57Z
BMW F16 x6 30dx, 40dx N57N, N57Z

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